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Dec 20, Massage.

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Feel free to ask for what you want Keep it short, words or less, this is just an initial contact. Remember to double check your return address or your phone if you prefer to be called. However, a copy will be sent to you for your records. Please be aware that is not a secure means of communication and spam filters may prevent your from reaching the health professional.

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The health professional should respond to you byalthough we recommend that you follow up with a phone call. If you prefer corresponding via phone, leave your contact. If this is an emergency do not use this form.

Call or your nearest hospital. Back HealthProfs. Back Location. Emotional Wellbeing. See all health professionals in Eastside, Olympia. Bowenwork involves performing very precise, gentle movements on muscles and connective tissue. These gentle movements act as a catalyst to send powerful neurological impulses to the brain.

The impulses stimulate whole brain responses, which address every system in the body - musculoskeletal structure as well as internal organs.

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In response, soft tissue tension is released, pain is relieved, and it's very common that structural misalignments will right themselves without any force being used by the practitioner. View. Office is near:. Specializing in John Barnes Myofascial Release, I gently work with the fascia, releasing the binding and holding patterns it can form over time.

Unresolved injuries, accidents, scars or emotional traumas occurring with these events can leave you feeling like you are trapped in a tight web, unable to break free. But with a mix free massage for wellbeing and olympia compassion, intuition, and expertise I can help you break free! Giving lasting not achieved in other treatments. Alexa has been practicing massage therapy since She spent the first two years of her practice working in a clinical medical environment and brings to her sessions a luxurious and potent blend of specific treatment work and decadent relaxation massage.

Alexa specializes in working with weekend warriors and athletes of all kinds, and providing a reset-button for getting back to feeling and moving well, and provides a comforting and empowering presence to participate in your own ongoing experience of healing.

Welcome to Soft Bay Spa! I am Tyler, 29, d. I have six years of experience in a variety of techniques, including Swedish, Acupressure, and Deep Tissue massage. Moreover, relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction are the heart of what we offer in our newly renovated private rooms. To schedule an appointment, please call me or send me anthank you.

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I am skilled and enjoy supporting women during pregnancy and post partum phase. I enjoy working with structural realignment and identifying and treating musculoskeletal trauma. I work well with carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndromes, spinal and pelvic imbalances.

I can help those with digestive and reproductive problems. I have two ideal clients. The first is someone managing swelling either pre or post surgery or some other reason. These client's goals are to bring the swelling down! As well as decreasing pain, bruising and supporting their healing and increasing their range of motion. They want speedy so they can return to their daily activities and vibrant living.

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My second ideal client is seeking to loosen up tight muscles or a tight body. Their issues are headaches, neck pain and ache, sore shoulders, limited movement, low back pain, leg and arm pain. They want relief and they want it quickly without incurring additional pain. I graduated with an AAS degree in massage therapy and had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of modalities such as; medical ,sportspre and post-natal, reiki, as well as holistic treatments. It's important to me to evaluate each client to make the most of the session, to allow you to be able to live pain free as best as possible.

Ellen A. Parker Beecroft Massage Therapist Verified.

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After extensive research and dissection of the human body during my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, I went on to massage school in Washington. My understanding of the the body and especially soft tissue led to my specialty in injury treatment and sports massage which entails deep tissue work, myofascial therapy as well as relaxation techniques to help your mind and your body get to a more efficiently functioning state. Whether you are seeking bodywork as a way of regular self care, for chronic pain, after an accident or for inner peace, you will be in good hands.

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As a massage and cranio-sacral practitioner, with training in Somatic Trauma Resolution, I draw upon a broad range of modalities to offer touch that is therapeutic and client-centered. Clients describe me as skilled, nurturing, and intuitive.

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I am aware of the uniqueness each person brings to my practice. Physical, mental and spiritual aspects are all part of our well being, as well as the body's wisdom to heal itself. Tina S. SCARS, injury, pain, lack of range of motion, trauma, surgery, fibromyalgia, anxiety, stress, frozen shoulder, hip replacement, knee replacement, ankle surgery, concussion, cesarean section, complex regional pain syndrome, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy disorder, postural alignment issues, SCOLIOSIS, digestive issues and many more. Helping ren, athletes, the elderly and MOMS!

I've been studying and practicing massage since My focus is helping others to recover from injuries and accidents with treatment massage. I use various techniques such as Deep tissue, Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, as well as Swedish massage. I have experience in Pregnancy massage as well and absolutely love it!

Improved range of motion and increased tissue elasticity.

Annette G. If pain is getting in the way of living your life it's time to try Bowenwork! Headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic pain. Plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor posture. Promotes deep relaxation and improved sleep! McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release: surgical scars, burns, traumatic injury. Breast care and breast massage, including breast scars and fibrocystic breasts pain. Do you have pain that just won't go away no matter what you do or have tried? Or do you get some relief from massage or chiropractor that lasts for a little while, but still comes back?

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Then it's time to give Bowenwork a try. Most importantly, is you, I see the body, I feel the blockages hindering you from more fulfilling way of living. I take great pride and passion in being of service, melting those muscles into pure bliss, slaying stress, going on vacation to Hawaii and enjoying a massage that is soooooo relaxation wind up massage drunk and need some moments to come back to reality.

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I am here to be of service, to bring light to your day. All of the skills that I have built up over the last decade years are at your service.

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I maintain honorable ethical standards to ensure you benefit the most. I have been studying and practicing massage since My primary focus has been helping people recover from injuries and accidents with treatment massage. I utilize deep tissue techniques, such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy, in combination with Cranial Sacral Therapy, Swedish relaxation massage, lomi lomi hawaiian massage and reflexology for the maximum benefit to my clients. I have successfully helped people with plantarfascitis, headaches, tennis elbow, whiplash, fibromyalgia, low back pain, tmj, rotator cuff injuries, and more.

I also have experience with pregnancy massage. Hello my name is Amber Gooodman. I incorporate Myofascial Release and deep tissue techniques into my sessions. I have over free massage for wellbeing and olympia years experience helping people who have been in car accidents or have injuries from daily activities. My passion is helping people relieve their pain and maintain healthy bodies. If you are experiencing pain I would love to help. Please visit my website! Yours in Wellness, Amber Goodman. Have an injury caused by trauma, repetitive motion or postural distortion?

Feeling stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed? Whether you seek solace from the stresses of everyday life, relief from pain and discomfort or recovery from injury, I can help!

Practicing with gratefulness and delight sinceI meet each person with respect, curiosity and appreciation.