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How to talk to an attractive guy, I'd like dating female that loves how to talk to an attractive guy

I was on a cruise ship, walking around by myself late at night. I saw a group of people, and unbeknownst to me was faced with one of the most important decisions of my life: was I going to go back to my room and go to sleep like a grandma or was I going to be brave and approach this person? It can be perceived as aggressive, weird, desperate, or even slutty.

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Hi Celes, I have been reading your blog since 2 years ago. Your tips are amazing and have helped me a lot. This is shameful to admit.

Years: 26
Where am I from: German
Orientation: I like guy
Eyes: I’ve got enormous gray eyes
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
My tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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Are they more likely to cheat, more likely to have slept with a million people, more likely to be selfish in bed? You're in! If they have a tattoo, compliment it.

How to approach a guy (even if you're shy)

Hot guy, could you tell me whether it was super creepy that time I winked at you when you handed me my tea? Find something else to talk to them about beyond the wonders of their absolute genetic perfection. But get in line, betch! Pretty Boys Are The Worst. But your rational, sexual harassment lawsuit avoiding self reminds you to tone it down you horny betch. But at the tippy top of the food chain are the HOT guys. Or what about that time I showed up at your house in a bikini with the ass cut out — too much?

10 ways to instantly become more attractive

Are hot guys more likely to be douchebags? Show him yours. Buy it today. More From Thought Catalog.

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How does your face do that? See you Friday.

I get nervous when i see an attractive guy/woman. what should i do?

There are cute guys, average-looking guys, and attractive guys. Hot guys have lived their whole lives being chased after by girls, boys, coaches and secondary school teachers, so they know the sight of them makes regular people precum — just a little.

Hot guys are a special breed, and you should be careful when interacting with them because they are not to be broached like normal everyday people. When you see him, your emotions tell you to jump on the hot guy like a jungle gym.

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You hope the hot guy is the one who takes your drink order. Ask about it.

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Are hot guys more likely to break your heart, lie to you, or lead you on? When talking to hot guys, find something you two have in common.

Doing this will immediately make you more attractive to a potential lover

You merely go to class because the hot guy is in it. I feel like part of the anxiety around talking to hot guys is that nobody really knows how to flirt. Get our newsletter every Friday! But are hot guys overrated?

How to talk to hot guys

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The more you envelop yourself in an aura of mystery, the more likely it is the hot guy will come chasing after you. Hot guys roam the earth freely, entirely unsupervised, have perfect bodies, chiseled jawlines, modeling contracts, accents, nice cocks, and are generally better at life.