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You often see nurses, either dressed in all-white or the colorful scrubs, roving around the hospital and caring for the sick. You have seen how they spend hours and hours almost every day being the angel of the sick room and how devotedly they perform their nursing duties.

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Have you ever thought about dating a nurse? Well here is a rather funny list of reasons why you should! Nurse Superhero is a content website. We are dedicated to providing actionable steps for nursing students and information for nurses through out the world. We thank you for visiting our site and hope to see you back for more.

Nurses are patient, and compassionate. A nurse will often listen to you about your day and will genuinely care about your feelings. They are patient with your faults and are not quick to drag you down when you are already sagging.

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Nurses are very intelligent. Nurses have had a lot of training to become a nurse. This makes them great to date when you are looking for someone who has plenty of brains and may be beautiful in addition. Nurses can help you with a hangover. No longer do you have to struggle with a hangover after a night of too many drinks.

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Nurses have seen every type of body. A nurse has seen everything when it comes to tall, short, plump, or skinny people. You can be quickly diagnosed. Nurses have cool uniforms.

10 awesome reasons why you should date a nurse

Nothing is as sexy as seeing a woman or man in a set of comfortable and adorable medical scrubs. Nurses have strong nerves. Nurses have the ability to be calm and collected in situations where other people will likely fall apart.

If you are feeling chaotic or if there is an emergency in your life, you can count on a nurse to take charge and help you get through the crisis. Nurses have long working hours.

20 reasons you why you should date a nurse

Nurses will be good parents. If things are serious with your nurse partner, you need to think of the future. Nurses will make for a great parent to your children and will mother them with all of the care and compassion they give to their patients at work. You will be safe from a cardiac arrest. If you are worried about keeling over, you need to know that all nurses are skilled in CPR and can give you tips to keep your life healthy and safe from injury.

10 things to know before you date a nurse

Nurses have great stories to tell. You will be great at medical jargon. Nurses know what every little piece of medical jargon really mean so, when you are watching your favorite TV shows involving medical issues, you will know everything you need to know to follow the show.

Nurses are very thoughtful. Because nurses are used to caring for people all day long, they often feel not terribly appreciated.

Top 5 reasons why you should date a nurse

Anything you can do to give back to your nursing partner will be seen as an extremely thoughtful gesture. Nurses are generally selfless.

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Because nurses give to others as part of their job, they are often used to being selfless in relationships. This is good for you as you will know your partner will listen to you and will give to you what they can without expecting anything in return. Nurses know how to save lives. This is something you can brag to your friends and family members who wondered if you would ever find someone who had a worthwhile job.

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Nurses can deal with things that are gross. They often deal with internal organs, blood, and mucusā€”things that make other people feel a bit squeamish. Nurses are great listeners.

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Many relationships fail because of bad communication skills. This is one area where nurses excel.

10 reasons to become a nurse

They are great listeners to just about everyone so that you can be rest assured that your personal stories will be listened to and treasured by your nurse partner. Nurses give great massages. As a part of their training, nurses learn how to give all types of soothing massage.

At the end of the day, when you are aching, you can count on a nurse to ease your pain through gentle massage. Nurses are physically fit.

Dating a nurse student

Nurses may not have time to go jogging everyday nor do they often have gym memberships. Nevertheless, they are physically fit because they are always running down hospital hallways to deal with the next emergency. If they help in surgery, they may have to hold a retractor for several hours, which gives them the upper body strength they need to keep up with you. They also often do the graveyard shift so they are used to living without a lot of sleep.

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They are good with older people. Not only are nurses great with kids but they are also good people to have around when dealing with older people. What this means is that your parents and grandparents will love the nurse you bring home to meet them.

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Soon they will come to love him or her as much as you do. I think you will like this meme I shared on my Instagram. Related Items Nurses. You may also like Download Now! Like us on Facebook.